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Everything depends on you. First of all is your life


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On a large forest glade, in the best of all possible worlds, there lived a flower. It had an interesting life full of depressions, stress, fear and desires. In other words, it lived, but, on the other hand, it was dying.

One day, however, during a meditation, it understood that “death”, “depression” and “stress” are merely the states its mind creates and that, by becoming attached to them, it remains in them while the life flows further ahead.

It came to understand that one can experience said conditions without losing oneself. Moreover, it never lost itself even when it was not aware of this. Nothing changed, neither inside, nor outside, but the space glowed and it became happy and its happiness was no longer dependant on any external conditions.

I don’t know you and why you are here, but I know that I truly want you to be happy. This, however, depends on you only.

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