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Everything depends on you. First of all is your life life


What is life? The answer to this question goes beyond words. Words will always remain words – a splendid wine for the minds that chose life concept (or, model, description, theory, if you like) instead of life. People have invented many theories of life. All of them claim comprehensiveness and work extremely effectively, especially after turning into dogmas. It is important only that you know what you want – to save your soul (theology), to satisfy your instincts (Freud), to attain power (Adler) or … So, what do you want?

The interesting point is that the very notions of “life”, as well as “meaning of life”, “truth” or “god” have been invented by people too, and their meaning depends on what they implied. If somebody believes that “in vino veritas” and money makes the meaning of life, this will be their reality. There are people who like living at the level of concepts devised by others. Others go further and create their own concepts and live within their bounds calling it “life philosophy”.

There are people who don’t believe in words or concepts, but trust their gut instead. If you want, you can put aside all the words your life taught you and look inside of you. There is nothing but your feelings that will suggest an easy answer to this easy question:

Are You Happy?

The answer is not simply “yes” or “no” – it is a feeling. And if you are happy, this is the wrong place for you. This is the state of life, while you live the LIFE, and the difference is not in the letter size only.

Life as “Creativity” »

If it is not mere curiosity that makes you stay, then you do not feel happy inside. And there are specific reasons for this.

Half of the unhappy people look for and find reasons for their unhappiness in the external environment: circumstances, parents, destiny, government. And, primarily, people around them. They believe that these very people and these very circumstances make them unhappy. Sometimes, by the incredible efforts, they manage to change the environment, but soon again they would attract people with different names but very similar to their predecessors. Sometimes, however, even the names remain the same.

But the point is that the environment makes these people unhappy for the sole reason that asserting themselves through others, by playing these games, they do not become much happier.

People finding external reasons for their unhappiness usually get out through this door.

Life as Stress »

The other half of unhappy people sees the reason for their unhappiness not in the external, but internal forces. In this case, people project their guilt onto themselves. These people buy into the notion of guilt instead of responsibility. Most often they walk through this door and remain behind it for long.

Life as Depression »

Yet, some people make their last choice and leave through the window. It’s a pity no memories are left in their minds that they did it once already.

Suicide »

Many people have two constant components in their lives: sense of guilt and fear. And no matter how the guilt manifests itself; it might even take the highest form of the total depravity dogma. In this event, men are guilty a priori and their guilt has been proved at numerous synod councils.

No matter, either, how fear is manifested. People are different and some chose Fear and others chose fear. The highest mode of fear is fear of God and the person accepting it in its heart is not afraid of anything, even death. What can these in awe of God be afraid of when everything is in the hands of God. Even death.

There are states, however, where no fear or guilt exist. Each page of the Life Project has a picture of a small kid passing a lion.

There are states, however, where no fear or guilt exist

At one point the lion is looking at the kid and the next moment the kid will look directly in the eyes of its fear and will have a choice of either becoming afraid or understanding that fear is a mere illusion. The lion does not exist actually, it is an external manifestation of one’s internal condition. In the first event, the man runs away, in the second – gets through its fear.

Don’t forget that choice is always yours. If there is a sense of guilt and fear in your life, it is your choice. But when no guilt is felt, responsibility appears, and when no fear exists fearlessness emerge.

If you want you can take the path where your life turns into a struggle and, if you are lucky and exert maximum efforts, you are sure to be the first to cross the finish line. And you will be declared the Winner and the ones left behind will be the Losers. Few people become Winners when Life is a struggle. Some people win only at several life phases, others become Losers. But what can be done? Life is a struggle and you know that this is a life law. Isn’t it?

Who told you this?

Any and all laws exist inside a person’s mind and since the internal = the external, any statement existing inside will manifest itself on the outside. You yourself can choose the words to sound inside your mind, you can choose, for example, Adler’s words: “To be a human being means to feel oneself inferior”, or the words: “Limits exist only in the mind” or some other.

You always have a choice and, if you want, you can follow a different path. Unlike in the first scenario, you won’t have any rivals here, hence no matter how fast you proceed. If you are sufficiently persistent, one day you will find yourself in a remarkable place, where the social status given to you by the society, the money given to you by your job, the name given to you by your parents will have no meaning whatsoever. It is a place where you become a complete self. Not many people reach the place, most people play their familiar roles imposed from outside for a lifetime.

And when you become the true self, you will understand that you didn’t have to go anywhere, to become somebody or change anything. You only needed to understand. Understand what? Understand something undescribable with words, as only you yourself will be able to learn it. Learn what? Once you learn, you will have no doubts. You will simply know. It is no use looking for a place where a man becomes oneself in the outside world, it is inside and, therefore, the most exciting journey is a journey into yourself.

Yet, you can travel outside – earn millions, become a president or even an emperor, but will you live Your Life? There is a definite criterion of living one’s own Life and it is the feeling of happiness.

Mark Twain said once: “The two most interesting characters of the 19th century are Napoleon and Helen Keller”. Napoleon, who had almost the entire world at his feet, summed up his life in a few words: “There’s hardly been any happy days in my life”. The words of Helen Keller, the American author, were different: “My life is so rich with blessings”. She couldn’t have conquered the world even if she wanted, as she was deaf and blind.

In either case, the choice is yours only, and if you look for happiness in the external world, you will acquire a lot. But you will have to leave it all at the door that opens for each of us one day.

Death »

In the Life Project, everything is like in Life and you can always choose your Way. Chose your own way and let your choice be a lucky one. Live your life, because someone else’s life is a life that doesn’t belong to you. And what can you do with something you don’t possess?

Now, you have a choice, and...

... if you assume responsibility for your Life, as it may be, and understand that Your life is only Your life, then the Life Project has all its doors open for you

Project Life »

... if you are not ready to assume responsibility for your life, chances are the Life Project is not about Your life. In this case, it only remains to thank you for your visit and say good-buy

Time to say goodbye

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