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Everything depends on you. First of all is your life state lossofsoul

loss of soul

Exposed on the cliffs of the heart.
Look, how tiny down there,
look: the last village of words and, higher,
(but how tiny) still one last
farmhouse of feeling.
Can you see it?
Exposed on the cliffs of the heart.
Stoneground under your hands.

R.M. Rilke


We are out of the world,
that's sure.
Not a single sound.

A. Rimbaud



Hi mate. Here you are, at the very bottom. I hope this is a virtual trip only and something is happening in your universe. The sun is shining or it’s raining. You are doing something, have feelings, can change, live. None of this happens or exists in the “loss of soul” world.

Nothing would describe a loss of soul and a blank page would be its most accurate reflection. The text you are reading is merely a commentary, although what commentary does Silence need? What words would describe it? The other states of being have at least some meaning. No such concept, however, exists in the loss of soul world. Everything above lives and changes. Here, everything is empty and dead. All the colours are gone. Every value is lost.

It is a world of nothingness. One cannot get here by itself. Loss of soul comes itself and everything disappears and loss of soul fills the entire world. It’s impossible to get out of here by one’s own will, but one can always try.

But where do I find strength to get up? Where do I find a path to go? How do I see the stars to light the way? Where do I see the goal to follow? Where do I get hope to chop off the ice of time? And where, in the end, do I find somebody who needs it? And what for? Who will answer these questions? Silence, and only a sharp razor of loneliness cutting slowly through the space and time.

What is loss of soul? It’s better that you never know and never get here. Just know that there is a place and there is nothing in it. Nothing to push off from, nothing to acquire, nothing to lose. This world presented us with loads of opportunities – loss of soul can take away all of them, one after another. Yet, it always leaves one opportunity. And this opportunity is to wait. Wait till it is back. Wait till the Soul is back.

Only those with a soul can live. Without it, life is lifeless, and meaningless, and soulless. Life with no soul is not life. Just look inside yourself. If you have a soul, the whole world is yours. Having a soul means living. If you have a soul, you can cry and laugh. If you have a soul, you can accomplish what brought you in this world. You are capable of many things – maybe of everything.

What else can be said? That is it. Go back. Look – there is a way to make a step. state lossofsoul

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