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Out of words state

Out of words state

He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know. Laozi

Words are for meaning: when you've got the meaning, you can forget the words. 
Where can I find someone who's forgotten words so I can have a word with him?    Zhuangzi

The project about Life consists of words and words will always be only words. In real life only 7% of information is transferred with the help of words, about 30% - with the help of voice timbre and intonation, and approximately 60% - non-verbally. And how is it possible under such conditions to transfer the sensation of Life? But this is not a word but a sensation which is impossible to express with the help of words.

Net Technologies doesn’t know how to transfer sensations, and the release of “Sensations” plug-in for the last version of Internet Explorer has moved away indefinitely. That is why, the best way to transfer sensations within the framework of HTTP protocol – is music, which will help you to pass through all states of the project about Life.

Every person who constitutes himself an Adult definitely has a Child inside. Some adults trust their inner Child, and it can look  this way, other - argue with him, for instance, in the other way. Even though some adults totally forget about the existence of inner Child. Of course, there are no such people among visitors of the Project about Life but if you meet such a person by accident try to wake up his inner Child with the help of such sensation.

Now, being in “out of words state”, you can choose one of two Ways. One Way is for your inner Child. The other one is for an Adult. There is nothing but music on these Ways and if you trust the music it will carry you through all the states of the project about Life

Only Way of Adult comes through the lowest state of the project "lossofsoul" a Child just does not know what it is like. A Child and an Adult walk together through other states - I hope that they are holding hands. But when you are found in the state "Life as Creativity", then an Adult and a Child which exist only in your mind will run into one and you will become yourself completely and your Life whatever it is will become a real Creativity

Well, enough words, the time of sensations has come. It’s time to choose your Way…

To listen to music click the sign . If the music is not played back – read the instruction.

To listen to music click the sign Sensations . If the music is not played back – read the instruction.



Sensations of a Child

Sensations of a Child

Sensations of an Adult

Sensations of an Adult



sensations of lossofsoul


sensations of death

Sensations of Death


sensations of depression

Sensations of Depression


sensations of stress

Sensations of Stress


sensations of life  sensations of life

Sensations of Life  Sensations of Life

Life as Creativity

Life as Creativity 1  Life as Creativity 2  Life as Creativity 3  Life as Creativity 4  Life as Creativity 5  Life as Creativity 6

 There is nothing constant in the world and each life will end someday with death – a state which is evidently opposed to the state of “life” in traditional western culture. But according to the logic of the Project about LIFE, death is not the end because the real Way can have neither beginning nor end. If everything around us just passes into different state, why should a person be exclusion?

Well, let us start to live. To be more exact – to continue…

...and Good Luck to You in your Way

Stay Happy!

Stay Happy! Out of words state

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